The Honestly Speaking Stuff Story....

If you’ve arrived at this page, you simply want to know who we are what we’re about. We’re happy you came!!

Our mission is to turn the stationery world on its head!! Our cards are more than just something to send at the holidays. They are short stories in card form, created from the heart and for real people, and real situations 365 days a year...7 days a week that deal with the tough stuff, the love stuff...and all things in between. They're written in just black and white for a reason: they are no frills cards! 

We, the writers, are: moms and wives, dads and husbands, gay and straight, trans and...We are teachers, and lawyers...We are singers and community activists...we are bricklayers and surgeons. We work at grocery stores and in government buildings. We are YOU!! And we speak you. We hope that our cards (and stuff) give you that, “that’s exactly what I was thinking/feeling” feeling. If so, we’ve done what we set out to do. 

So enjoy! Keep living...and keep sharing with we can keep sharing with you.

With heart…

Nicole C. Morgan

Founder of Honestly Speaking Inc.